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InvestNow – Redesign (Case Study)

The InvestNow app is a platform for anyone to invest in the nigerian capital market; money market funds, etc

This case study was done in 2022, the purpose was to re-design the investnow finance app. The app could have been redesigned since this was done.

Target market:
Working class individuals, young busy people who want their money working for them

What was wrong:
I basically use the app to check the updates on my investments; using the app to fund the account and other tasks is pretty monotonous and uneasy, boring

Cowrywise, piggyvest

Previous Design (How it looked:)

A more engaging, fresher-looking and exciting app with a more modern interface design that can appeal to a larger demography, inviting more people to use the app rather than the web app for their operations – this will improve engagement and attract more investors on the platform.