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Pelican Staffing – HR and Job Portal

Design and development of the website for a HR and recruitment agency, Pelican Staffing. The website is powered by WordPress and a fully featured...


Custom Website theme design for ServArmour, a defence and security company using WordPress.

Omale Mask

The Omale mask. This is an item out of my upcoming AfricanMasks collection set. The African masks collection is a collection of about 200...

ClearingMate Web App

Web application design for a web application – ClearingMate. The app was designed to simplify the goods / customs clearing process for the average...

InvestNow – Redesign (Case Study)

The InvestNow app is a platform for anyone to invest in the nigerian capital market; money market funds, etc Mission: This case study was...

Sails Creative

Website for Sails Creative, a design and development agency specializing in web and product design This website was designed with WordPress. A custom design...

Glitterati Place Logo

Logo design for Glitterati place, a shoes and bags store.

FindLove App Design

App Onboarding screen designs for a dating app for finding love interests in yoru neighbourhood.Below are more screen designs of this conceptual mobile app...

Loopi Interactive Dashboards App: Custom Illustration Design with...

llustration design for an interactive dashboards app called Loopi. Designed with Figma.

Wiz Marshall

Website for Wiz Marshall, a London-based IT security company that focuses providing premium IT / Security solutions


Logo design for a cryptocurrency trading platform focused on education, inclusion and adoption.

ServTrack Website

Custom Website theme design for ServTrack, a security company using WordPress.

Pat Diaku Website

The personal website for Pat Diaku; a seasoned training facilitator and Project Manager; with a wealth of experience covering a wide range of industries...

ReAbled App (Concept)

Concept designs for the login screens for the Reabled App. An app that helps disabled people get around a city easily.

Marvel Advisory

Custom WordPress-powered website design for Marvel Advisory


Worked with the frontend development team in Sysserve Solutions to convert the HTML prototype of their website into a fully-fledged WordPress CMS-powered website.

Fab Ideas

Logo design for a gifting company