About Me


Hey there! I'm Ife, (pseudonym: IfeBamba). With over 5 years of experience in design and development, I'm all about making things look good and work even better! From product design to branding and web development, I love diving into projects that let me unleash my creativity.

Im proficient with Wordpress, tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Webflow, and Figma, while being versed in design principles such as typography, layouts, and colors. But hey, it's not just about looks – I'm all about making sure things are user-friendly too!

As a creative problem-solver and team player, I embrace challenges and continually seek opportunities for growth and learning. My mission is to leverage design to deliver delightful digital experiences for individuals and organizations.

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Design/Dev Skillset.

With over 5 years design experience in designing web and mobile based digital products, visual design and branding, I have worked with conglomerates like Coscharis Group and startups like Sysserve Solutions.

  • Product Design
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS JavaScript, jQuery)
  • Wordpress Development (PHP)
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Product Thinking & Strategy
  • UI/UX
  • Visual Design

My Certifications.

Design and Development certifications.

Tools I love:

I am proficient in the following tools ad languages such as Figma, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, VScode, Javascript and JQuery, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Webflow

Visual Studio Code Figma JavaScript HTML Wordpress css Illustrator Photoshop webflow Bootstrap